Sunday, April 1, 2012

Signed at the Alamo

When I’m signing books in the Alamo Gift Museum I get requests for all kinds of inscriptions, for example; “Keep the Alamo spirit”, “To a true lover of history”, “Thanks for supporting the Alamo”, and of course, “Remember the Alamo”.  But the most popular, by far, is “Signed at the Alamo”
I believe, if a single word can describe what makes the Alamo important to people, that word is honor, and people seem to feel that written evidence of their visit there is a badge of honor, like honor is contagious and they can take some home with them.

Before I began spending time at the Alamo, like many members of my generation, I was beginning to wonder how honorable Americans are today, in terms of their willingness to defend the country with their lives. 

I was raised during the time of the military draft, when most American men served.  Although most of us complained, we were secretly proud of our service then and we are openly proud of it now.
But today I hear others speculate about our ability to raise an adequate fighting force, should we ever become involved in another world war.

I wish those people could experience the seemingly endless parade of patriots coming through the Alamo, as I do regularly, so they would know not to worry.  They would understand, as I do now, that honor is still important to Americans and may yet be the foundation of our character.

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  1. I think you would be surprised. We have a strong military spirit here in San Antonio. I am so very proud to have a son who is a veteran of two tours in Afghanistan. There was never any question as to whether the Army was the right path. Something my ancestors, who served this country in every conflict since the American Revolution, passed on to all of us. To shirk that duty is unthinkable. I volunteer at the reenactments held yearly on the Anniversary of the Battle of the Alamo. It doesn't matter that Bowie, Travis and Crockett are actors with the San Antonio Living History Association. When the Mexican army storms the north wall and the defenders begin to fall, it makes me weep. Every time. We need more Americans with that kind of spirit and dedication to their beliefs.